Tuesday, 1 December 2015


Getting back into making music and creating simple animated videos... Here we go with BURNT OUT SUN!

Tuesday, 10 November 2015


Finally finished colouring my Lumberjanes tribute... It is a lovely comic that makes me smile! I heartily recommend that you pick it up from your nearest comic or book shop.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Friday, 30 October 2015


Hostile Takeover chapter 3 is well under way over on Tapastic now, and chapter 4 is written. Chapters are getting longer and the futures of our players are intertwining... Enjoy! 


Thursday, 8 October 2015


Pin-up/teaser for chapter 4 of HOSTILE TAKEOVER, which is now plotted with new characters being created and introduced...

Friday, 2 October 2015


Hostile Takeover is back! Chapter 3 starts proper next week, and here is the cover up on Tapastic... Thanks for waiting!


Thursday, 17 September 2015


There's a new mini-comic challenge started on Facebook to create at least 12 pages of comics over the next month. I'm creating a new story starring Patches McGinley 'Don't go into the dungeon!' in a different style, which is all-ages friendly, and will be FUN! Keep an eye on the Anywere Facebook page for more news over the coming weeks...

Thursday, 27 August 2015


The retelling of HOSTILE TAKEOVER! continues with chapter 2 on TAPASTIChttp://tapastic.com/episode/183524 I'm having a blast working on this story... It's going to be an EPIC!

Friday, 21 August 2015


Ahead of Hostile Takeover! Chapter 2 starting next week, here's a pin-up of Omnibot Inc. CEO, Nelson Cooper tinkering!

Friday, 7 August 2015

Wednesday, 29 July 2015


This past weekend, I started work in earnest on Chapter 3 of HOSTILE TAKEOVER! 

It's becoming a labour of love, and is growing longer and larger all the time... I'm having serious fun finding out how the story will turn out. I hope you all do too.

I've struggled with getting the art right for chapter 3, having drawn in Rotring pens and pencil crayons, but this weekend saw me head back to brush and ink with digital colour and lettering. I love the way the style flows, and brings the story to life. So... I'm going back to the start and re-drawing the first two chapters so that everything flows together and keeps consistency. Plus, it stops me messing about with styles, as I love the way brush work looks with digital colour, and digital lettering helps me keep dialogue and pacing clear.

Each chapter will have a seasonal palette in terms of colour, as it keeps things simpler for me, and also helps each chapter have a solid identity. I really like the way the pages are looking now, much more consistent and structured.

Lastly, HOSTILE TAKEOVER! will be published on TAPTASTIC, a wonderful comics website with an amazing array of talents and stories. I'm hooked on the site, and love the way it works. My buddy Jens K is digitally publishing his beautiful comics on there too, and he has been a really great source of support and positive energy whilst I've been rebuilding the series. You should check his work too... It's lovely, lovely stuff.

So, here's the link to HOSTILE TAKEOVER! on Taptastic: http://tapastic.com/series/HOSTILE-TAKEOVER I aim to be updating three times a week, work permitting, so watch out for updates. The cover and first page of Chapter 1 have been done today, and I'm halfway through Chapter 3 at the inking stage. I just need to go back and slot in Chapter 2!

I'm seriously happy about how this has all worked out, and am looking forwards to seeing where the story takes me...

Friday, 3 July 2015


I have a new addiction... Fishing! 

Since I caught my first Carp last year, and went on a 24 hour fish with my very good friend Rolf a month back, I am hooked. (Pun intended!) Rolf kindly gave me some of his old fishing kit, namely rods, reels, line and tackle. I was very chuffed. 

I got my rod licence a while back, and am fishing on my local canal whenever I can. It's so calm and relaxing, and I'm loving learning how to do everything on my own...

Last night, I came up with an idea to create a fishing book in my own inimitable style. I've tried to find specific info on fishing on-line, but come up short. So, I'm writing a clear guide with lots of illustrations to help folks get into fishing, and understand how it all works, without being too technical.

Here's our guide, Bill the Badger. The book is writing itself, and I'm having a blast!

Monday, 29 June 2015


Chapter 3 snuck up on me and virtually wrote itself over a few evenings last week. Comics can be sneaky like that...

Fingers crossed, it will be up on Issuu by the end of July for your enjoyment, as I'm having a real blast putting this story together! This time, it will be done in pencil crayon with sympathetic digital lettering, which really seems to work, keeping the art closer to my drawn scripts.

Here's the page one artwork as a teaser... Enjoy!

Saturday, 30 May 2015


Last time: Owen Owens Snr., the dread CEO attempted a hostile takeover of Nelson Cooper's Omnibot Incorporated. Things didn't exactly go to plan.

Now read on...


Friday, 22 May 2015


Back in February, I created a 12-page mini-comic called 'Hostile Takeover', a bit of fun and a love-song of sorts to  Ashley Wood and 3A Toys. Cranked out in a weekend, fast, cheap and fun! You can read it for free here: http://issuu.com/morgangleave/docs/hostile_takeover

Move forwards to now, and the Mini-Comic Challenge is in full swing. A great bunch of creative folks from all over the planet cranking out fantastic comics of all shapes and sizes. The only rule is that you complete 12 pages of comics during the set month. Easy?

Our business and health has taken the controlling interest in our lives, so my idea of recreating the first issue of my Feline Occult Investigator - 'Patches McGinley' hasn't transpired. A stinkin' cold this week led to being bed-ridden, whereupon I started doodling, and remembered 'Hostile Takeover'. Bingo! Chapter 2 is written, four pages are laid out, one is inked, and I've done a color (sic) panel for kicks! Should have most of the art cracked this weekend, as it's a Bank Holiday here in the UK.

Chapter 2 will be up on Issuu by the end of May for your enjoyment, and I have more big robot and big gun action plotted... It's turning into a real saga! (I'm thinking of a collected edition in print...)

For now, here's the test panel in colour and the first page as a teaser... Enjoy!

Thursday, 19 March 2015


I'm open for illustration commissions of your favourite comic book or cartoon characters, TV and movie folks, heck, anything you like (within reason... copyright allowing)!

Here's a quick catch up of some of my latest pieces to get you thinking. Contact me for prices and more details! 

Saturday, 28 February 2015


Good evening comic lovers everywhere!

I've been busy today, creating a new ep of experimental ukulele music (https://ruke.bandcamp.com/album/i-have-a-tuna-on-my-head), cleaning the kitchen and finishing off the clean-up of my latest mini-comic, 'Hostile Takeover'. I'm rather pleased with this one, as I've turned it around in a week from writing to scanning and make-up. A nice breather from 'Inner City Kitties', and keeping up with my intention of releasing a comic every two months this year!

Hostile Takeover is a bit of a love-song to Ashley Wood and 3A toys, both of which I'm a little obsessed with, and ticks my boxes for a robot comic and combat too. It tells the tale of Omnibot Incorporated owner and designer, Nelson Cooper and introduces the dread CEO, Owen Owens Snr. Business is war! I think we'll be seeing more of these characters in the future... 

You can read Hostile Takeover for free online on Issuu here: http://issuu.com/morgangleave/docs/hostile_takeoverand there will be some printed copies available soon! (Watch this space!)

Enjoy the comic and have a great weekend!

Sunday, 8 February 2015


Good evening comic fans... How's your week been?

'Inner City Kitties' chapter one is progressing nicely. The first page is inked, coloured and lettered. It's not necessarily going to be the pattern for the rest of the book, but I wanted to get a full page under my belt before I cracked on with the rest of the pages. It sets the tone nicely, along with style and colour palette. I'm sharing it here, so you get a taster too. Four more pages are already inked, ready to be scanned, and I'm on roll with the others.


Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Been slacking on updates lately, mainly as I've been busy creating!

My challenge of creating a new comic bi-monthly this year is working well. I have one plotted, plans for six more, and just last week, I finished writing/storyboarding chapter one of 'Inner City Kitties', a six-parter starring MC Spacecat and DJ Tyrone. 

The series traces their progression from 12 year old kittens to middle aged statesmen of hip hop. It's set against a backdrop which reflects the history of hip hop from it's birth in the 80s up to the present day. It's going to be kinda funny, with plenty of cameos from hip hop icons through the ages. I've loved hip hop since the Street Sounds 'Electro' tapes came out, and mixing it up with my major love, comics is pretty cool. I'm having a blast putting the series together, picking out tunes and acts to 'star' in it; going through my old records, tapes and CDs; checking out videos, documentaries and graffiti... it's a labour of love!

Inner City Kitties is going to be a multi-media project too. I've already written two of Spacecat and Tyrone's tunes, and have recorded the first one. There'll be EPs, LPs and videos to go with the comics, building the whole world of hip hop that Spacecat and Tyrone grew up in. The first issue should be ready for digital release at the end of February, and you can hear the first tune here: https://soundcloud.com/morgan-gleave/spacecats-message Rapping in character is really cool, but it's also allowing me to find my own voice too!

Here's the first two finished panels...

Wednesday, 7 January 2015


Okay. As mentioned earlier, I'm planning on a new comic release on a bi-monthly basis this year.  I'm plotting the first one, and have started on a bigger project which will be done (hopefully) at the end of the year.

But, I'd like you to help too... That's where 'Chuck me a challenge' comes in. I want you to send me ideas for more comics, the more challenging the better.  I want to move out of my artistic comfort zone and push myself, so bring on the ideas!

You can email me at: morgan@morgangleave.co.uk or leave comments here on the blog... I look forwards to hearing from you!

Saturday, 3 January 2015


From now on, my comics will be released under this lovely shiny banner!

Friday, 2 January 2015


Happy New Year!

This year is all about comics... I plan on creating a new comic bi-monthly (or sooner!) this year, and they'll be available on-line and in print!

First up, football playing cats and dogs! Enough talking, more doing!