Saturday, 28 February 2015


Good evening comic lovers everywhere!

I've been busy today, creating a new ep of experimental ukulele music (, cleaning the kitchen and finishing off the clean-up of my latest mini-comic, 'Hostile Takeover'. I'm rather pleased with this one, as I've turned it around in a week from writing to scanning and make-up. A nice breather from 'Inner City Kitties', and keeping up with my intention of releasing a comic every two months this year!

Hostile Takeover is a bit of a love-song to Ashley Wood and 3A toys, both of which I'm a little obsessed with, and ticks my boxes for a robot comic and combat too. It tells the tale of Omnibot Incorporated owner and designer, Nelson Cooper and introduces the dread CEO, Owen Owens Snr. Business is war! I think we'll be seeing more of these characters in the future... 

You can read Hostile Takeover for free online on Issuu here: there will be some printed copies available soon! (Watch this space!)

Enjoy the comic and have a great weekend!

Sunday, 8 February 2015


Good evening comic fans... How's your week been?

'Inner City Kitties' chapter one is progressing nicely. The first page is inked, coloured and lettered. It's not necessarily going to be the pattern for the rest of the book, but I wanted to get a full page under my belt before I cracked on with the rest of the pages. It sets the tone nicely, along with style and colour palette. I'm sharing it here, so you get a taster too. Four more pages are already inked, ready to be scanned, and I'm on roll with the others.