Saturday, 28 February 2015


Good evening comic lovers everywhere!

I've been busy today, creating a new ep of experimental ukulele music (, cleaning the kitchen and finishing off the clean-up of my latest mini-comic, 'Hostile Takeover'. I'm rather pleased with this one, as I've turned it around in a week from writing to scanning and make-up. A nice breather from 'Inner City Kitties', and keeping up with my intention of releasing a comic every two months this year!

Hostile Takeover is a bit of a love-song to Ashley Wood and 3A toys, both of which I'm a little obsessed with, and ticks my boxes for a robot comic and combat too. It tells the tale of Omnibot Incorporated owner and designer, Nelson Cooper and introduces the dread CEO, Owen Owens Snr. Business is war! I think we'll be seeing more of these characters in the future... 

You can read Hostile Takeover for free online on Issuu here: there will be some printed copies available soon! (Watch this space!)

Enjoy the comic and have a great weekend!

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