Friday, 3 July 2015


I have a new addiction... Fishing! 

Since I caught my first Carp last year, and went on a 24 hour fish with my very good friend Rolf a month back, I am hooked. (Pun intended!) Rolf kindly gave me some of his old fishing kit, namely rods, reels, line and tackle. I was very chuffed. 

I got my rod licence a while back, and am fishing on my local canal whenever I can. It's so calm and relaxing, and I'm loving learning how to do everything on my own...

Last night, I came up with an idea to create a fishing book in my own inimitable style. I've tried to find specific info on fishing on-line, but come up short. So, I'm writing a clear guide with lots of illustrations to help folks get into fishing, and understand how it all works, without being too technical.

Here's our guide, Bill the Badger. The book is writing itself, and I'm having a blast!

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