Wednesday, 29 July 2015


This past weekend, I started work in earnest on Chapter 3 of HOSTILE TAKEOVER! 

It's becoming a labour of love, and is growing longer and larger all the time... I'm having serious fun finding out how the story will turn out. I hope you all do too.

I've struggled with getting the art right for chapter 3, having drawn in Rotring pens and pencil crayons, but this weekend saw me head back to brush and ink with digital colour and lettering. I love the way the style flows, and brings the story to life. So... I'm going back to the start and re-drawing the first two chapters so that everything flows together and keeps consistency. Plus, it stops me messing about with styles, as I love the way brush work looks with digital colour, and digital lettering helps me keep dialogue and pacing clear.

Each chapter will have a seasonal palette in terms of colour, as it keeps things simpler for me, and also helps each chapter have a solid identity. I really like the way the pages are looking now, much more consistent and structured.

Lastly, HOSTILE TAKEOVER! will be published on TAPTASTIC, a wonderful comics website with an amazing array of talents and stories. I'm hooked on the site, and love the way it works. My buddy Jens K is digitally publishing his beautiful comics on there too, and he has been a really great source of support and positive energy whilst I've been rebuilding the series. You should check his work too... It's lovely, lovely stuff.

So, here's the link to HOSTILE TAKEOVER! on Taptastic: I aim to be updating three times a week, work permitting, so watch out for updates. The cover and first page of Chapter 1 have been done today, and I'm halfway through Chapter 3 at the inking stage. I just need to go back and slot in Chapter 2!

I'm seriously happy about how this has all worked out, and am looking forwards to seeing where the story takes me...

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