Friday, 22 May 2015


Back in February, I created a 12-page mini-comic called 'Hostile Takeover', a bit of fun and a love-song of sorts to  Ashley Wood and 3A Toys. Cranked out in a weekend, fast, cheap and fun! You can read it for free here:

Move forwards to now, and the Mini-Comic Challenge is in full swing. A great bunch of creative folks from all over the planet cranking out fantastic comics of all shapes and sizes. The only rule is that you complete 12 pages of comics during the set month. Easy?

Our business and health has taken the controlling interest in our lives, so my idea of recreating the first issue of my Feline Occult Investigator - 'Patches McGinley' hasn't transpired. A stinkin' cold this week led to being bed-ridden, whereupon I started doodling, and remembered 'Hostile Takeover'. Bingo! Chapter 2 is written, four pages are laid out, one is inked, and I've done a color (sic) panel for kicks! Should have most of the art cracked this weekend, as it's a Bank Holiday here in the UK.

Chapter 2 will be up on Issuu by the end of May for your enjoyment, and I have more big robot and big gun action plotted... It's turning into a real saga! (I'm thinking of a collected edition in print...)

For now, here's the test panel in colour and the first page as a teaser... Enjoy!

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