Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Been slacking on updates lately, mainly as I've been busy creating!

My challenge of creating a new comic bi-monthly this year is working well. I have one plotted, plans for six more, and just last week, I finished writing/storyboarding chapter one of 'Inner City Kitties', a six-parter starring MC Spacecat and DJ Tyrone. 

The series traces their progression from 12 year old kittens to middle aged statesmen of hip hop. It's set against a backdrop which reflects the history of hip hop from it's birth in the 80s up to the present day. It's going to be kinda funny, with plenty of cameos from hip hop icons through the ages. I've loved hip hop since the Street Sounds 'Electro' tapes came out, and mixing it up with my major love, comics is pretty cool. I'm having a blast putting the series together, picking out tunes and acts to 'star' in it; going through my old records, tapes and CDs; checking out videos, documentaries and graffiti... it's a labour of love!

Inner City Kitties is going to be a multi-media project too. I've already written two of Spacecat and Tyrone's tunes, and have recorded the first one. There'll be EPs, LPs and videos to go with the comics, building the whole world of hip hop that Spacecat and Tyrone grew up in. The first issue should be ready for digital release at the end of February, and you can hear the first tune here: https://soundcloud.com/morgan-gleave/spacecats-message Rapping in character is really cool, but it's also allowing me to find my own voice too!

Here's the first two finished panels...

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