Monday, 7 July 2014

Kitty Cards

Last summer, whilst on holiday on the Isle of Wight, my grandson and I came up with 'Kitty Cards', a funny trading card idea.  We came up with about a hundred kitties, and I sketched quite a few, including 'Cthulhu Kitty', seen here.  

Recently, my grandson brought the idea of doing Kitty Cards up again.  I've laid out most of what I have dubbed the first wave of 14 cards, and five, including Cthulhu Kitty here, are done as finished digital artwork.

The original idea was to make a small amount of the cards myself to give out free at art shows and events to kids.  Kids love free stuff and collecting, and it's also a good way of getting my art out there too.  I'm looking into getting the cards produced properly and how to get packages made like old-fashioned bubble gum and card packs.  It's amazing that in this high technology world we live in, that a little bit of card with some funky art on it can still grab people's attention and imagination.  If anyone has contacts in the trading card business... please let me know!

I am genuinely having a blast putting these cards together.  If you see me at shows and events, please ask me if I have any left, as I think they'll go fast!

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