Saturday, 14 June 2014


Afternoon all!  After the shocking revelation that I’ve actually finished storyboarding my all-ages comic ‘Young Bob’ yesterday after originally writing years ago, my thoughts have turned to actually making the darned thing!
I’m starting from scratch in terms of drawing, deciding to go the digital route for finished artwork, as I want the colours to POP!  There’s a long road ahead, drawing, editing, scanning, redrawing in Illustrator, lettering, and so on… I’m going to publish Young Bob on the web first, in weekly instalments, then hope to get him into print.  He deserves it!
My questions to all you lovely folks out there is how to keep my copyright safe whilst publishing on the web (my wife is very keen on this part), and how to fund the printed version?  After all, I’m an unknown quantity in the comics world, so why would someone trust me and invest in publishing when they don’t know me?  The printed version is a long way off yet, and I should be able to fund part of it myself, but I’d like to have some other folks on board too… 
Let me know what you think. Cheers!

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